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hi, i have a bt homehub, comes with 2 rj45 connections, 1 usb and wireless access. i dont want to use the usb connection as the supplied cable is short, and i would have 1 computer upstairs and the router downstairs so i want to run cable to the router but i have already used the 2 rj45 connections with computers downstairs. obviousy i could use the wireless connection but i haven't had much luck with it as it keeps on disconnecting and i just prefer to use hardwired option. so question is could i use a hub to connect the upstairs computer and one of the downstairs computers to one of the rj 45 connections on the bt homehub?
and would the homehub assign both computers different ip addresses even though they would be sharing 1 rj45 input. or is this not the way a hub would work?or the bt homehub for that matter. i understand the bt homehub is a variant of a thompson router. any advice welcome, thanks,

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  1. Use a 5 Port network switch. IP Addresses will still be assigned by the BT Homehub.

  2. thanks grumpy9117, would it slow down the data transfer using 2 computers accessing the 1 rj45 socket ? (i'm not too bothered if it does but i'm just curious) and why a 5 port? and not 3?

  3. ok, ignore above post, i've searched and found some info on switches and it seems with the belkin switch, 1 computer connects to the switch and the router but i would prefer if all computers connected to the switch and the switch connected directly to the router. is this possible with another make, like netgear or linskys or something?

  4. Let me get this straight, you want to connect 2 PC's to the internet. One is upstairs and the router and another PC is located in another room. There are many solutions/scenarios.

    Why did you get the HUB? Is your router full? Typically a router will have a built in switch. The switch allows you to connect a few PC's into the network.

    I have a few Gig Switches in my home networks as I needed additional connections for several computers. Can you connect both PC into the switch and them the switch into the router, the answer is yes. That is a typical way they are used.

    I hope this answers your question ...
  5. my router is a bt (british telecom) homehub, it isn't a hub exactly thats just a name. its a router and only has 2 ethernet inputs.
    but i think, after a bit more research, that there are many switches i could use, so problem solved, thanks for the help. :wahoo:

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