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--- i edited the topic because i thought it would help get what i want across ---

you know those voice recorders in real life that you press a button, talk, and than release and it stops? i want something like that for the pc.

i want to take notes on stuff, some of it being 2-3 hours long, but dont want a 2-3 hour long audio file, or stop and record, than stop recording, than continue, at that point i could just write my thoughts down.

is there anything like this for the computer? as i dont want to spend upwards 100$+ on a real one when i have a mic, a computer, and possibly software for this
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  1. if anyone is interested, i found something.

    audacity, a program i used allot in the past with meta 1.3.12 they added a sound activated recording option witch isn't exactly want i wanted, but is so close that thats what i'm going to use it
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