8800gts 320 with 32" sharp aquos lcd tv?

Just wondering if this will work/be functional. My neighbor just setup a 26" samsung lcd/8800gtx combo that looks great. excuse me if this is a beginner question, but will i be able to select a resolution that is acceptable? additionally is the 8800gts adequate for this job?

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  1. If you are considering the 32" LCD, the 8800GTS 640mb card will be sufficient. Make sure you get the 640mb version and not the 320mb one since you'll be using relatively high resolutions. I'm assuming your going to be gaming?
  2. Thats not true, jonnyli, most 32" LCD's have a native resolution of 1366 by 768 which is easily powered by a 320MB GTS

    What resolution is your monitor going to be running Tronic?
  3. ops, i thought he meant 32" monitor. The sharp Aquos monitor with a resolution of 1366 x 768 as stated above should only require the 320mb 8800GTS IMO
  4. ok thanks. this is the sharp tvs, not monitors. little bit of gaming, video/picture editing and the net primarily. Unsure of what resolution ill be running as long as i can get something acceptable.
  5. My friend has a Samsung 32" tv-monitor,

    and yes, they are locked at 1366 x 768.

    But he preffers his 19" LCD.

    TV-monitor is just too big to sit too close to it.
  6. One of my friends has one set up in his living room. it's great if you're 6 to 10 feet away on a couch :lol:
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