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AVG 2011 is turned off

Hi, my AVG anti-virus is turn off suddenly. I can not turn it on or i can't uninstall. When i click AVG Uninstall button in add/remove program, nothing happen. But with CCleaner soft, it says HTMLayout.dll was not found.

Windows security alerts that it is turn off. If i want to install it again, it says, avg is install already. I am using AVG 2011 edition and my OS is win xp sp3.

How can i reinstall or uninstall it? Help needed.
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  1. Boot into safe mode with networking. Download revo uninstaller, and use that to uninstall AVG.

    Then run through the malware guide in my signature, to be sure that you didn't pick up anything nasty while your scanner was down. Malware may be the reason your scanner is down.
  2. @ aford10....thanks for your reply. There is a little bit problem. I can not connect to my net connection in safe mode with networking. I am using a broadband connection that require sign in. So i can not connect to internet in safe mode.

    I download revo uninstaller in normal mode, than install it in safe mode. But revo cannot uninstall it & ask for delete remaining file. What will i do?

    Waiting for your reply.
  3. In safe mode with networking, you still have the networking services running. You should still be able to sign into your network connection, as you normally would.

    If revo says it will remove all the remaining files, then let it do so. When it's done, you can use the windows search feature, to search the computer for 'AVG' to make sure it's gone.

    Once done, I would still recommend the malware guide in my signature. One of the programs is there to clean up registry clutter. You'll probably need it.
  4. Yeah, I should use malware guide in your signature. But i have to download malware remover in normal mode, cause i still cannot sign in safe mode with networking. When i click for connect, nothing happen.

    So i am going to download malwarebytes in normal mode and than install it on safe mode. Thinks there will be no effect for downloading malwarebytes in normal mode.
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    Download and run the AVG Remover:
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