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I have an auto parts point of sale software set up that disconnects on my newest computer with Vista Business. I have no problems on my other computers that have windows. This is very problematic because when it disconnects, it takes about 30 seconds to re-connect. This slows down sales on this computer.
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Check the power options of your PC, maybe have an option activated for sleep the network card.
  2. thanks for the try but this is a Vista problem not my computer settings. All 8 of my computers on Windows work fine. Vista disconnects.
  3. this is a Vista business problem. there are references to this problem all over the net.
  4. What exactly do you mean by "disconnect"? Does it lose LAN or internet connectivity? How is your LAN set up? Do you have a router? Have you update your NIC drivers? Are you wired or wireless? You need to provide more information... simply saying it disconnects is not enough.
  5. Well I DID say that all dozen Windows operations has no problem, so the problem is NOT about connections. As I said, my point of sale software disconnects from the internet on my newest and ONLY Vista computer. EVERY OTHER Windows computer works fine and stays connected. This is OBVIOUSLY a Vista problem and it is posted ALL OVER THE INTERNET as such. Is there a "fix" to keep Vista software connected to the net/?? Wireless irrelevant, router irrelevant, driver irrelevant even though I have all of them.
  6. I run Vista Business at work, and I'm not having any sort of issues... so what you are saying is that your POS software disconnects, yet all other internet functions on the Vista Business computer are fine? You don't mention what POS software you are running, you list absolutely no specs of the computer you're using this software on and somehow you think I magically know a solution when I can't even get a clear description of the problem?

    Is Windows up to date? Are all of your drivers up to date? Is your POS software fully compatible with Vista? If not, are there patches available to make it fully compatible? Even of more concern... what software are you running?
  7. never mind, it's obviously beyond your capabilities. This computer wouldn't even run Quickbooks until I found a "fix" on the net when Quickbooks runs on all my other computers. Knowing my POS software won't help because it's a very proprietary software that you wouldn't have access to. It RUNS on all my Windows computers just fine as it has for years.
    I'll look on the internet and find a fix just like I did for Quickbooks. I thought that this site might offer help but obviously not. I'm taking my name off this site.
  8. It's beyond your capabilities to provide a clear explanation of your issue, so how can you possibly sit there and tell me what is and what isn't beyond mine? You provide so little information, yet I'm supposed to somehow read your mind and see what you're seeing on your screen. Guess what? I'M NOT SITTING IN FRONT OF YOUR COMPUTER. I DO NOT SEE WHAT IS GOING ON. I CAN ONLY GUESS BASED ON WHAT YOU TELL ME.

    If you do not provide complete information, then don't expect a complete answer. When I asked you to describe what you meant by "disconnect", you completely ignored the question and went off on some other tangent. Does the computer connect to the internet through a LAN? Through a dial-up modem? Through magical elves that can read your mind and know what the hell you're saying even though you don't say it? Does the computer lose it's IP address? Does it say "Cable Unplugged"? Are you connecting wirelessly and it keeps dropping the wireless connection?

    I CANNOT HELP YOU WITHOUT COMPLETE INFORMATION. Get your freaking head out of your ass for a few seconds and HELP ME HELP YOU. I'm not sitting there. I cannot see what's going on. I only have the information you provide to go on. Therefore, if I don't know the nature of the problem or how your Vista machine is set up, then I can't possibly provide you with a solution you will be happy with. Ok, so your POS software is proprietary... did you expect me to KNOW that without you telling me? I'm a technician, not a mindreader.

    I'm getting mighty sick of people asking for help and then not providing all the information that's needed to help them. Then, when we can't pull an answer out of our collective asses fast enough, they get all huffy / arrogant and take their ball and go home. If you can't provide more info than "Vista disconnects. Google says so.", then don't expect a satisfying answer. If you don't like it, then by all means, don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.
  9. forget it, I hope you're not in business because you have no personal attributes. I'd fire you in a second. I called my local geek and he gave me an answer in about 10 seconds. He already knew what I TOLD YOU was referred to ALL OVER THE NET, SO please don't get upset about your own inadequacies. It's okay not to know something. I'd suggest that you get used to it because I suspect that you'll be be upset a lot.
    Terry, my local guy said that he'd gotten DOZENS of calls about the same problem and that it WAS a Vista Business problem just like my Quick books was. I could find the fix for QB but not my POS which is irrelevant, but Terry gave me the web site that would fix the problem and it did. That's that rookie. I'm out of here and off this web site for good and that's a fact. I run a million dollar business and have no time for idiots.
  10. Good riddance. Like I said, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Too bad I can't get my foot in there to help.

    I like how you said "local". Well if he's local, then he knows a hell of a lot more about your setup than I do. Imagine that. He probably didn't have to sit there and beg for information. I'm sorry, "Vista disconnects" is NOT complete information. Since I haven't seen the issue you refer to, then I cannot possibly give you any sort of solution unless I have all relevant information. I like how this local geek gave you an answer in 10 seconds though... I mean wow. Unlike me, he had all the information he needed to solve your issue.

    It surprises me that you still don't get it. Since you're so busy running your "million dollar company" and looking down your nose at us lowly people trying to help you, you completely fail at communication. Do you honestly give so little info to your employees and expect them to read your mind as to exactly what you want? I hope not, because you won't be running your "million dollar" business much longer if that's the case. I tried to help you. I asked for more information. All you came back with is "It's ALL over GOOGLE!" Well if it's all over Google, then someone must have figured it out on Google... yet you failed to find the answer you sought.

    I'm not in the business of reading your mind. If you cannot describe the issue in detail, then YOU are a waste of MY time. I don't give a rat's ass how important you think you are... on here you are nothing. If you withhold relevent information and expect someone to know what you're on about, then you don't deserve any sort of help.

    I'm done wasting my time. You got the help you needed from someone that probably knew a lot more about your set up than I did. People like you piss me off... you expect answers, but you can't provide the details that would help you get those answers. Since you got your answer in 10 seconds, your local guy should have been the FIRST person you talked to... since he knows your setup. If you can't describe your setup sufficiently, then you shouldn't be asking for help anywhere online. While others might be more diplomatic about it, they won't be able to help without important information that you (for some odd reason) refuse to give. I'm not going to kiss your ass. If you can't provide me with the information I need, then screw you. I don't get paid for this, nor am I a representative of Tom's Hardware... so I don't care if you ever come back. I've helped plenty of people on here; but they were at least kind enough to provide me with complete information.

    Your opinion of me or my abilities means nothing. It was up to you to provide the information I asked for and you either would not or could not... I really don't care which. What it boils down to is that you decided to be an ass instead of helping me by providing more information. I felt no obligation whatsoever to help you after that. Take your "million dollar" attitude and shove it where the sun doesn't shine.
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