What video card is highly recommended for Pinnacle Studio 14?

I am constantly having problems with my program locking up and having to reboot my computer while making a video. I have a 512 mb graphics card and an 8 GB HP computer. I thought of upgrading to a 1 gb video card but noticed that Pinnacle stated that I only needed half of what I already have. Whats the problem here and what should I do ?
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  1. Quick thought... Have you tried reinstalling pinnacles Video Drivers? Im running Pinnacle 12 Ultimate, i ran into the same probblem stating "magic Bullet Looks Ran into in error with your Graphics card, make sure the latest graphic drivers are installed. "

    I reinstalled drivers, and voila!!
  2. hello there... i am using alienware laptop, 16gb ram, and 3gb graphic video.. i installed pinnacle studio 14 to capture videos and when i open the pinnacle it says "error occured trying to run magic bullet looks using your graphic card, please make sure that your graphic card supports the minimum requirements for magic bullets look, and the latest drivers is installed" i updated drivers and everything was fine... i tried to capture videos with pinnacle and it doesn't appear the video and it doesn't capture anything. i really need help so badly... thanks!
  3. everytime i opened pinnacle it says the error.
  4. what should i do?
  5. ow, i just purchase alienware with 16 gb ram... so, finally i found out to capture the video, you just have to change the setting from ntsc to pal... the only problem am facing is the error popping out when i open the pinnacle program. then the magic bullet looks may not work correctly when i start the editing... thanks guys, appreciate much your answers. God Bless! :) :)
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