What to do with possible server?!

Alright guys, here is the deal. I'm probably going to pick up a server on the cheap. An HP Proliant ml150 G2.

As it stands right now it come with:

A 3ghz Xeon (800fsb, 2mb Lv2)
1gb pc 3200 (I have the option to pick up another 4gb's dirt cheap)
1 32gb 15k rpm SCSI drive
1 72gb 10k rpm SCSI drive

When I was playing around with it a few days ago I threw server 2003 enterprise x64 on there and it seems very snappy. Now I know the technology is fairly dated, so dont worry about that aspect.

So my question to you is what should I do with it? I was thinking putting windows home server on there? Maybe a copy of server 08? Domain controller, file server, FTP, web?

Decisions, decisions!
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  1. How about a NAS?
  2. Well, usually people already know what they're going to do with their servers before they get one... but if you are a gamer like me you could use it as a game server for dedicated servers, Teamspeak servers, Ventrilo servers, and the like.

    Otherwise it would make a good file server or a media server. It'd be best to use as a backup server to save all your files and such. But, with that kind of firepower you have under that server, it'd be really useful for an application (or game) server.

    It's your choice, really.
  3. If it's just too hard to make up your mind I will take it off your hands... :p
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