Case recommendation please?

Come July 22nd :wink: I plan on doing my first ever build (kinda nervous and excited at same time), and it will be a gaming rig.

I plan to buy the Q6600 (at least Crysis and Alan Wake will be able to take advantage of the quad cores + i'll be set for the future for a bit) and a 8800 GTS 640 and a P35 motherboard, perhaps one that will support DDR3 ram so that when DDR3 timings get better I can switch to it from DDR2. Also a WD 75 or 150gig 10k rpm Raptor.

I won't be overclocking and I won't be running an SLI config.

Will the Antec 900 or P180b case be fine for me? I hear the P180b adhesive wears and the case ends up vibrating.

Are there better alternatives to this brand that might be more or just as quiet for around the same price range?
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  1. the p180b. my friend has it and its real quiet.
  2. I have never heard or experienced the adhesive wearing on a P180. I would suspect rumor more than anything else on that.

    Both cases will do you well - I like the P180 for looks, and the cooling zones. You might want to consider the P182 as it looks even better in my opinion than the P180s. The gunmetal black and mirror finish silver are very nice.

    Good luck in your decision.
  3. I would also recommend the P182 because the Gun Metal finish hides scratches very well, and the case overall produces absolutely no noise, until you turn all 3 120mm fans on medium.

    The P182 is also built for liquid cooling as well incase you switch to that later, but in my opinion there is no need.

    I run a E6600, 8800 GTS 640, 2 GB RAM, 1 320GB WD HDD, and my system temp is ~35 degrees.

    However, assemlbing the case is tricky, and YOU MUST have a power supply with LONG cables or else they wont reach your motherboard. This goes for both the P180 and the P182. Antec pwoersupplies mostly work, Seasonic (i have), Corsair, and most OCZ Power supplies also work.
  4. I am getting the 900!! It depends really what you want. If you want a proffesonal look go for the P's if you want a flashy VERY cool rig get the 900.
  5. Thanks for the input so far! Love the response time around here! 8O :lol:

    Will these cases be cool enough to run the E6850 or the Q6600 at stock with a GTS 8800 640? Again I don't plan to overclock or run SLI.

    Thanks again!

    And the look doesn't matter to me - I just want whichever case is more cool and more quiet.
  6. tt armor is the best
    usually a bit more expensive than the antec ones though
  7. Agreed - the armor series is very very good at cooling and is popular in that regard. The P180s are very good, but due to their air filters (nice touch in my opinion) it can diminish airflow a little bit. The upper thermal section of the P180 has 2 exhaust fans which can be augmented by another intake fan as well as a fourth inner case fan (mostly to disrupt the internal air a bit to avoid hot spots).

    Your latest question really pertains to whether or not the stock cooling on the new Intel CPUs will work well in either case - the answer is - sorta. It will work for stock clock speeds and slight over clocking - while staying within the temperature range of the CPUs. However after market coolers will generally work much better - even with a small investment in the Arctic Cooler Freezer Pro (around $35). It works well and keeps things very cool - I do not over clock.

    There are better coolers out there - and depending on which one you are aiming for may impact the case selection.

    One of the popular - top of the line coolers is the Scythe Ninja - seems to do a fine job at high over clocks.

    To sum things up - the stock cooler will work. A good after market cooler will work better - and a phenomenal after market cooler will require a bit of research to ensure it will actually fit and work with your selected mother board and case.

  8. Quote:
    tt armor is the best
    usually a bit more expensive than the antec ones though

    I agree with TT Armor... It's a good case and it has good ventilation as well... but I'm getting the Junior one as my budget for casing is limited... I guess the full tower is better but Junior won't be too bad as well...

    Even if you're not going to overclock, it might be a good idea to put a good HS such as U120X plus a silent fan to keep the CPU very cool
  9. can someone put a newegg link to the tt armor. i would like to see it. please!!!!
  10. Come on man, don't be that lazy, just type and use the search box :P
  11. I did and it got nothin searched tt armor.
  12. Seconded. P180 and P182 are quieter than P900 or Thermaltake Armor. The P900 and the Armor are better for overclockers but you're not interested in that.

    If you want something better but more expensive look at Antec P190, Silverstone TJ09 or Lian-Li PC-73. The Antec P190 is around CAD $400 but it's actually a great deal because it includes a 1200W PSU. It's less quiet than the P182 though.
  13. that thing looks like shit and is ginormis. Sorry man I can't stand that thing. Not to offend anyone I'm sorry I just hate it.
  14. Quote:
    I did and it got nothin searched tt armor.

    Oops. Yeah, we do tend to use weird abbreviations here.
  15. Quote:
    that thing looks like **** and is ginormis. Sorry man I can't stand that thing. Not to offend anyone I'm sorry I just hate it.

    Which thing? The Armor or the P182? How much are you willing to spend on the case, by the way?
  16. Go with the Stacker 830! :P Jk, stick with the P180. Dunno about the P182 but it can't be much different.
  17. Quote:
    that thing looks like **** and is ginormis. Sorry man I can't stand that thing. Not to offend anyone I'm sorry I just hate it.

    Which thing? The Armor or the P182? How much are you willing to spend on the case, by the way?

    I think he's referring to the P182....
  18. Quote:
    I did and it got nothin searched tt armor.

    Use Thermaltake Armor.... or go to to see the features and their other products
  19. If you will be gaming, then the vga card will be the main determinant of your capability, not the cpu. The 8800gts-640 will be a fine card. If you have the funds, a 8800gtx would be better. This is important because the gtx is a bit longer than normal, and will not fit in some cases. The gts will fit anywhere. The main heat generating component will be the vga card, not the cpu. All the mentioned cases will be ok, and you could probably pick one based on how good they look to you. The P182 is an updated version of the P180, and is a better case. There is always a trade-off between cooling and noise. Look at the following review of the antec 900 and the cooling/noise comparisons with the antec SOLO and lian li G70. What is interesting to me is that at equal noise, all three different cases cooled equally. If you want quiet, pick the SOLO, if you want maximum cooling pick the 900.
    Right now, I would look at a P35 ddr2 based board, not ddr3. ddr3 is very expensive now, and will probably remain so for the next year. In addition, it does not now seem to perform better than ddr2. You will get more gaming for your dollar by upgrading to a gtx versus ddr3.
  20. I'm not 100% agree with the mobo recommendation.. I think you should get the ddr3 one...
    At this moment indeed ddr3 is not quick enough because of it's timing... However, it will all depend on your future upgrade plan as well... If you want to use your pc for the next few years but might upgrade a bit along the way, p35 should give you a good base for the next processor generation from intel. but without having the ddr3 capability on your motherboard, you will regret when you want to upgrade to ddr3 & when the ddr3 is fast enough and cheap enough... (but I agree ddr3 won't be cheap in the near future)

    The difference between ddr2 p35 and ddr3 p35 is not that huge...

    But off course, if your plan is to upgrade everything in the next few years, don't mind about the ddr3....
  21. I just got this case....LOVE airflow ever, and no problem fitting big tower cooler. Check it out!
  22. Shoot! That's one hell of a case... Do you know whether it will fit tall air cooling heatsink such as Ultra 120 Extreme?
  23. It fits fine in mine, although I sent it back...didn't cool my QX6700 for crap! Best thing about it for me is that the two big fans are low, so they cool my 8800's really well. I put a 120 on the back and one in the front, although some peopl I talked to say you don't even need them. The air does fly out of the upper vents. They make a couple cases..pretty unique, but I liked this one best and it is great!
  24. that thing looks carzy!!!!!!!
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