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Replace Vista64Bit by Windows 7

One hard drive (SATA) has XP Pro SP3 (I have installation disk) the 2nd hard drive (SATA) has Vista64Bit SP1 ultimate. There is a dual boot, XP first and Vista 2nd. Please, what is the correct way to replace the Vista64Bit Ultimate by the Windows 7 64-Bit Ultimate (regular installation disk)? Or is it a good idea to use Partition Commander 11 sofware to add Windows 7 on one of those hard drives, e.g. XP hard drive (SATA), as a separate system with a separate boot?
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  1. If you got a spare drive, make a back-up of your current Vista drive, then run the upgrade. If something goes wrong with the upgrade, you can just restore. My experience of Vista->Win7 was very good.
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    i never recommend upgrading Operating Systems.
    Either partition one of your hard drives, or get a new one and do a fresh install.
    Even if you have the WIn7 upgrade disk, you can do a fresh install as long as you also have the previous OS installed on the same PC.
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  4. Thank you Kewlx25 and arges86 for your support. You both deserve *****.
    I used Partition Commander 11 (32-bit since 64-bit has issues) to clean two SATA disks of partitions and for formating. Then, I installed XP Pro SP3 (32-bit, full version installation disk) on one SATA and Win7 (64-bit, full version installation disk) on the second SATA. DVD/CD drive in BIOS was ahead of the SATA. One SATA was restricted with X in BIOS. Both systems work fine. Win7 seems to be running better than VISTA. Laptop has Intel XEON processor (seen with 4 processors in Device Manager), 3GHz.
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