Looking for a FREE way to convert a .vob video file to an .avi video file. I have found several programs in the $25 to $50 range online but I only have one Mini DVD a friend made for me on his Sony camcorder to convert. Most offer a FREE version but they either want you to buy it first with a refund offered or the program will only convert a few seconds of video just so you know it works. A FREE trial with a 30 day limit or one video limit would be fine.
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  1. Well, since you are talking about home movies from your camcorder (discussion of ripping copyrighted material is strictly forbidden at Tom's and can get you banned), try this:

    Download and install the 0.93 version of Handbrake. Do NOT use 0.94 or 0.95 because Handbrake dropped support for AVI in version 0.94. Handbrake is a free program that can turn your VOB's into AVI's.

    With that said, why AVI?? It is an antiquated video container. I suggest you go with a more modern container like MKV or the universal MP4.
  2. Thanks. I really don't know much about video file formats. I have a Mini DV camcorder. The camcorder program I use saves the videos as AVI files. My neighbors Mini DVD camcorder makes VOB DVD's. I can copy the AVI video tapes to the computer and make a DVD that can be played on a TV thorough a stand alone DVD player. Could not do that with the mini VOB DVD so figured I needed to convert the VOB file to an AVI to get it to work. I since found out the AVI file is low quality and momo sound. I also found out that most DVD's use the VOB file. I could play the Mini DVD on my computer and through the TV, just could not copy it onto the computer and make a DVD. My neighbor took a video of our house 4 years ago before we started renovating. I since got a Mini DV camcorder and took videos of the renovation and the completed house. I want one DVD that shows the house before we started work, renovation in progress and the house done. Couldn't do that without the "before" video. Found a free program on-line that let me copy the Mini DVD to the computer. I have a Roxio DVD maker program that will allow me to make a DVD so think I am all set.

    Thanks for your help,

  3. Janet55,

    What I want to do is burn a single DVD from one VOB video and 2 AVI videos that are now on my HD. The DVD will show our house renovation from "before" to the completed project. Have renovation video taken on a Mini DV camcorder transfered to my HD as AVI. Could not transfer the "before" VOB video from a Mini DVD. I thought the problem was the DVD was a VOB file and needed to convert it to an AVI file to use it. I since discovered most DVD's use VOB and what I needed was a program that would copy the DVD in such a way that I could then make a DVD from the one VOB video and the 2 AVI videos showing the house renovation project from start to finish.

    I found a free DVD ripper program on-line. All the videos are now on my HD. Are you saying I am going to have problems making one DVD that starts out with the video from the Mini DVD in VOB format, followed by the other files from the Mini DV tape in AVI format?

    Will look into the iFunia program you mentioned.

    Thanks for your help,

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