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Hello! :hello:
My dad has his own busines, its just him.
He said he wants a program to organise all his contacts like MYOB or Quickbooks.
I then told him he needed more of an Address Book.

This is what he wants:
- Sort contacts by last name, eg. Smith, John
- A search function, so he could type Sm and it would come up with John Smith
- Ability to add Email, Address, Multiple Phone numbers
- And to select a group or all of the contacts to send an email to them all through Outlook 2003

Any help would be great!
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  1. Um.. he has Outlook 2003. That has Contacts that do everthing he is looking for. Does he not know what Outlook is?
  2. Hmmm, well is it good to add contacts with multiple numbers with speed?
    because He has like 10+ books with addresses with numbers and stuff in it..
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    Outlook is as good as any program for entering contacts if you have to input them manually anyway. You can import info from a spreadsheet into it, check into the Inport/Export option in the Contacts. Will be faster to type up info in a spreadsheet and import.
  4. Okay thankyou! :)
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