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how to make our own open source software??
and please tell me example of software that enable us to create own open source software...

sorry if i'm post in wrong section...
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  1. Just use any language compiler. I'm guessing, from the fact that you ask the question, that you're not a computer programmer - you've got a lot of learning to do before you will be in a position to create open source software.
  2. ijack is quite right. familiarize yourself with opensource terminology and laws and go research some different languages to begin learning. There are quite a few languages to choose from. The easiest would be imo microsoft visual basic. You can download microsoft visual basic express studio from microsofts website. ruby on rails is another good choice, C#, java and few others have a larger learning curve. Familiarize yourself with oops and head over and learn the basic syntax of whatever language you choose. There are quite a few tutorials featuring complete projects ready to be compiled that you can download and tinker with, just do some googleing and the world is your oyster, but do not expect to be creating anything flashy in a day, a month or even 6 months. It takes time and dedication. Join a community of coders where you can ask questions and get input. My best suggestion is that if you truly want to get into programming, find a local community college and take some classes, get some hands on experience and tutoring.

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