is this a good build? pros/cons

hello rate this build out of 10 and tel me the pros and cons
im thinking about getting a new mobo the evga 680i or asus striker

pc wishlist-


i was thinking either this mobo

or one of these whats the difference between them?

thanks for looking
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  1. my only advice is hold off on your build. Come July 22 Intel will drastically reduce prices on it's Dual/Quad core CPU's. The current $530 Q6600, the current Quad Core CPU, will be cut down to $266. And they will have the E6850 line up that has a FSB of 1333 (Zip Zoom already has it up on it's site for $282). Your going to be kicking yourself for not waiting, trust me. All the high end chips i'm sure you took out your budget cause they were too expensive will drop ridiculously low.
  2. really thats some good news so they are just dropping prices due to the quad core 6800? so ill wait and what cpu should i get then?
  3. You'll have alot of options. They are releasing three CPU's with 1333 FSB, E6850 3GHz @ $266, E6750 2.66GHz @ $183 and the E6550 2.33GHz @ $163. I heard Zip Zoom has some, if not all, of these on thier site now. They are also going to bring down the Q6600 to $266 and will introduce the Q6700 which will be 2.66GHZ FSB 1066 @ $530. The Qxxxx are the quad core models by the way. Now as for your list of parts I have a few suggestions:

    The Case: I'd HIGHLY suggest you get a full tower case instead of mid tower. This is because of the graphics card. No idea if your aware but the 8800GTX card is 11 inches long. In a midtower case that card will surely get in the way or depending on the case will not fit. I say this from experience. I seen many cases were people wanted to up thier cards to 8 series and were stop by size issues. In this case, size does matter :twisted: . See if there is a full tower version of that case or maybe get you a Thermaltake Armor case. I have one and my 8800 sits in it a child in an SUV.

    Motherboard: Start looking at mobo's that support a FSB of 1333. This is for incase you do decide to get the newer Intel CPU's and as you can see they all are at 1333. The Striker Extreme board your looking into is a good choice. I'm sure Asus has some boards out that may be a lil cheaper in case you run into budget issues.

    Memory: Try looking at Crucial and Corsair for memory. Two great companies. The Crucial Ballistix and Tracer memory's been heavy reduced to $140 (3 months ago i think they were at what $250+) for a 2GB DDR2 800 kit. Same for Corsair's low latency kit of the same size. I suggest these two companies cause they are great at memory.

    DVD Drive: DVD's are changing and are doing away with IDE. Look into getting a Sata DVD drive. This will help alot for internal cable managment in your case and as you know sata is very good and fast. Asus makes a few as well as Lite-On all at the same price.
  4. well should i just wait until july and post back here on what to get?
  5. yea i like the antec 900 and the hermaltake Armor and the fact i see the armor for about the same price and fan wise i think ill get it. i found a armor case thats water cooled for 260 is that a good idea?
  6. Quote:
    well should i just wait until july and post back here on what to get?

    Yup. Post a budget too.
  7. about 2,000 maybe a little more 2,500 will that be enough?
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