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I downloaded and installed Firefox 4 recently and I've noticed that it doesn't seem to work right with the aero feature in windows 7 64 bit. When I was using Firefox 3.6 (or whatever number the 3.x version is at now) I was able to see things clearly. For example if I had an internet page open and i move the mouse over the Firefox icon i could kinda make out what was on the page. Now it just looks like some generic background text you would see in an old 8 bit video game.

If i had a YouTube or other type of flash video open or a java based windows open like IM clients on websites I could see the content clearly on FF 3.x Now in FF 4 the java windows just show blank black where the chat convo is supposed to be, the YouTube videos just show white blank pages where the video is supposed to be. I using and HD 5770 and I have the latest drivers (just checked for an update earlier today) and my windows updates are current (again checked today).

Has anybody else come across this? I think FF 4 is supposed to be doing hardware acceleration so maybe that's the issue that they just haven't got it working with various cards yet. If its some kinda settings thing in FF itself can anybody let me know how to edit settings to get it working properly. Thanks.
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  1. All these views and nobody has a clue what im talking about?
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