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I was just wondering what are all the ways... err the easiest ways to have 3 monitors acting as 1 display without purchasing a Matrox Triple Head to Go...

Currently I have a X1900XTX would it be necessary to purcahase another card granted I didn't want to buy something from Matrox? (if this was the case I would buy the triple head to go because I'm sure it's cheaper than another video card, last time I checked they were 200 US)
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  1. Maximum two monitors on Vcard. If it`s not a Maxtor that is.
  2. Hmmm... well let's say I get a PoS video card in conjunction say like an X1300 or something and span 3 monitors. Will this affect performance if I want to play a game such as CS Source or something across all three?
  3. It will.
  4. Hmmm I think that what I will end up doing is buying a 32inch HDTV LCD from newegg. It will probably be cheaper. In fact the same one I use in my living room is going for 450 dollars.
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