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BD / DVD / CD copy & burn software

Looking to buy some software that will copy any media format on any disc type and have burning capabilities.

I buy all my music CD's and movie and TV series DVD's and BD's and would like to protect my investment(s) by copying them as soon as I get them to keep the original copies safe and secure. This may seem dumb, but that's what I want to do. Also, yes this is for personal use. I'm not doing anything illegal like distributing movies or selling music. So, I need something that'll decrypt everything and be able to burn straight over to a BD-R, DVD-R, etc. etc.

Any recommendations?

Thanks, ya'll!
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  1. That is illegal this forum can't help you!
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    This forum will not provide answers for this because it is against the rules of tom's hardware forum!
  3. The forum doesn't assist in breaking copyright protection.
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