I'm looking for a way to disable a wireless network adapter, but still leave the user with as many administrator privileges as possible
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  1. Are they connecting to an unsecure network?

    Why not use MAC address filtering at the router to deny access from their machine?
  2. Been use MAC filtering in the past, but someone has moved into the area with an unsecured network and they (my kids) have discovered they can log on to that, hence the need for another approach.
  3. Given that the little ones will have administrator privileges this method may be temporary.

    Click on the Start orb and type in "device manager" then hit enter.

    Scroll down to "Network Adapters" and expand by clicking on the little arrow on the left.

    Look for your wireless adapter and right click, then click "disable".

    Do the same to re-enable.

    Kids are very computer savvy now days so this measure might be temporary but it is worth a shot.
  4. Do you want to completely prevent your kids from going online or do you just want to prevent them from doing certain things online and going onto certain sites?

    If you want to completely keep your kids off the net then I'd recommend the method btk1w1 said or to use a password on your Router if you have one?
  5. I'd just take the antenna.

    It's similar to a trick my folks used to do to my brother when he would sneak out. Take his shoes.
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