I put my xp computer in hibernation now it wont boot andi get the error message

I put my xp computer in hibernation now it wont boot and I get the error message Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu or continue with System restart

has anyone had the same problem and be able to advise me if i need a system reboot disk or what do you recommend I do ?

i would appreciate an exact answer

Thanks for any help you can give me I just hope I havent destroyed my hard drive and lost all the data I havent backed up

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  1. Hit F8 at bootup and delete the Hibernation data.
  2. Thanks for Your Reply grumpy,
    But it didn't work ?........ Or I haven't hit the button at the right time ?
    I hope I don't make you Grumpy by asking this but When 'exactly do I hit the F8 Button,
    I have tried Hitting F8 just after I hit the start button, before I hit the start button,holding Down the F8 Button Kept hitting down the F8 button, I am unsure Exactly when do I hit the F8 button and by hitting the F8 should that delete the Hibination data Automatically?
    And do I keep tapping the F8 or just hit it once and when.........before I hit the start button or just after ?
    I Do appreciate and respect Your Help and advise and I don't mean to be a pain in the butt!
    But it has me Baffled, I thought it sounded Too easy, it probably IS but I still cant get the machine to boot
    if I aren't being too much of a pain,
    Would you please answer me again,
    P.S. I Think I may be sending this message twice Again, please advise me if I am and why is that happening?
    I feel like a silly person if this goes out twice Again !

    Regards, Lyrad
  3. Turn off your computer. When you power it on you'll see the BIOS splash screen, start tapping the F8 key.
  4. Quote:
    Turn off your computer. When you power it on you'll see the BIOS splash screen, start tapping the F8 key.

    Dear grumpy,

    I 'Really appreciate' Your Help but This still isn't working ?

    When I used to need Bios I just kept tapping enter ,
    Now that isn't working either ?.
    Do You think I may have 'Blown the H/D or what ?
    as I cant even seem to get into bios by hitting Alt + F4 or Tapping enter
    As I said I do appreciate Your advise But 'Nothing Seems to be working either 'as usual the message.. re press del to enter set up or Alt+F2 to enter Flash Utility comes up then I keep tapping F8, I have tried both those also but To No Avail

    When does the BIOS splash screen come up, What does it look like ?
    I just keep getting hit F2 to enter or hit del to enter set up
    So I have tried them both+ What You Have advised 's of Course,
    Mate I am just 'trying to get this computer working ?
    If I put a new H/Drive into the computer would 'That 'Maybe work or will it still remain to have a Fault even after Putting a new h/d into the computer
    Respectfully yours,
    P.S. they recon where the is a will there is a Way but I Just cant seem to get this to Boot,Even after All the advise you have given me ?
  5. I am having the same exact problem. The computer won't start up in any mode. What did you end up doing?
  6. Hi justrach2,
    I ended up reinstalling and reinstalling xp

    After I did that I was advised that I should have a Disk defrag first before uninstalled so You could try that before you uninstried a Disk defrag,
    Hope this helps,
  7. sorry I should have said I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling xp
    I ended up reinstalling and reinstalling xp
    Sorry about that !
  8. Hello,
    it is lyrad here,
    I recieved a couple of reply's from grumpy9117 , please thank him/her again for me But I ended up 'not being able to resolve the problems I was having so i ended up uninstalling and re-installing XP and I also recieved a question from
    justrach2 * 11-01-2009 at 03:56:45 PM asking me how I ended up fixing the problem and I advised him to do a Disk defrag and if that didn't work to do as I Did
    and uninstal then re-instal XP
    I hope that is what You were asking
  9. Hi justrach2, I recieved a question from Tom Hardware and I ment to send the above mailing to toms Hardware but I beleive I accidently sent it to you I beleive, Sorry about that !
    Anyway did you endup fixing the problem if so please email me
    at djstrading1@gmail.com if that isn't against the rules ?
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