Hello! how can i remove virus and spyware in my pc's and where i can download software for optimizing the performance of my pc's and how can troubleshoot and repair the erratic behavior of my internet connection. Thanks
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  1. 1. Download MalwareBytes form and install then update it. Restart into Safe Mode by tapping Funciton 8 at startup and run the Full Scan then click the Show Results button and on the one marked Remove Selected. Restart again. Go back into MBAM and click the Logs tab then copy and oapste the log back here so posters can decide if you need more help.

    2. There are no utilities that can speed up your PC but clearing out the clutter that accumulates from Internet use can help. CCleaner from is useful for that. If you use the Registry Issues facility, always choose to back up when offered the chance but all ikn all, it's better to eave the Registry alone.

    3. This should cure itself when the above is finished.
  2. Run through the malware guide in my signature.
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