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I am currently trying to help a friend make a tribute disk for someone that recently passed away in our town.

He was widely known in our area and was a friend of many and we are trying to put together a disk of his pictures and some of the music he wrote. Someone wrote a poem for him and I need help with something.

We are making a slideshow cd with his music and photos on it. We have three songs he wrote and they will play in the background while the slide show is going on.

What we want to do is at the very end have a static image (something that was drawn) with a poem scrolling over it from the bottom up to the top.

I want to sorta "scan" in this image that was drawn and then type in the text and have it scroll up over the picture while the music is still playing.

How do I get the text to "scroll" up over this still image ??? What programs do I need ?

Thanks for any help and if possible please list free to use programs. If not I'll try to find programs you may suggest.
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  1. You can use PowerPoint or any presentation software. Set the image as the background, put in a text box and set the text effect you want.
  2. But wont that make it a power point slide ?

    I'm looking to make a picture file like .jpg or .gif out of this to go into the slide show I plan on making with Ashampoo burning studio
  3. Well you said "slide show" so I figured you were making some type of presentation. You can't make a scrolling text in a picture file unless you make an animated gif, but then it won't really scroll but jump from place to place. Maybe a good time to learn Flash, that is a good way to make a scrolling text over an image.

    Maybe look into doing this as a presentation? OpenOffice has a PowerPoint type program you can use, free.
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