Looking for Instant messenger with (never dying) group/chat cappabilit

Hey guys.

I've spent a while on this, but there is so many different instant messengers, that I am already spining my eyeballs around and can't think straight. Thought my best shot would be to find somebody who exactly know what I could use.

I'm looking for a very simple instant messenger, that will offer creating a groups, that will be kept alive even though nobody will be active (or having the messenger running), and that will offer many people to join (128, or better over 256).

What I want to do is this:

1. Install messenger
2. Run the messenger
3. Create a room, with name say AdamJohnson, and password 123

Now, other people will join the same group, using these data. So they won't be adding single members of the group, but they will join the whole group, and once they do that, they will receive the list of all the members that are already there. At the same time, all other members will see him being added to that group. Also, this group should be "saved". Meaning, that for example, it has 20 members in it, and all are inactive (their messengers are not running). Then a 21'st person pops up, and joins the group, and this person IS ABLE to join this group (this created group should not be deleted, when there is nobody active), and see 20 people (or 21, including him) on the list, and all inactive besides him.

The communicator can be the simplest there is. The only things I need is, it should offer person - to - person chat capabilities, and (that's a plus) a global chat (so like a simple chat) capabilities. It should signal if somebody is active, or inactive. Some sound notifications for new messages would be a plus, but not necessary. But basicly it's just a simple communicator, just like MSN or any other, with the difference, that people don't add single members to their list of contacts, but they are joining a groups that are already created.

So that's it. Sounds easy right ? :P Well, I can't find a communicator like that, and I already spent a while, but like I've said, there is so much stuff, that I'm already loosing my head here.

I was using Hamachi before for that purpose, with great success, BUT I just found out that it offers only 16 members per group (unless I will buy license, but I see no point, for just chatting with my buddies). I don't need anything that has to do with data exchange, with creating virtual lan networks or anything like that. It just has to be basicly a CHAT through a comunicator, that will run forever (so obviously, it must be run on some external server once created).

Couldn't find something through google, so looking for some luck on the message boards. Anybody know of a simple application (if there ain't simple, it can be little complex, but I would preffer something simple, as I don't need it for some wicked stuf) like that, that I could use ? I would be mostly obliged.

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  1. Probably what you think of now is mIRC, but I forgot to add one more thing before. Something chats don't offer, which is offline messagaing. GG communicator for example has it. I go to a channel/group, and see a member who is offline, I sent him hello message, then 2 weeks later, this memeber runs the communicator, and he gets this message. So messages that are kept on the server, waiting for the recipient to become active.
  2. Best to explain on the example I guess:

    Here is Hamachi, the program I used with much success, but the problem like I've said in the topic, is that it is limited to just 16 people per group, and it became not enough for me. Also it doesn't support offline messaging. Anyways, here's a screen from that program:

    So as we see, there are 2 rooms/networks. 1 named GeekScribes, has only 1 user (the one the owner of that particular PC). The other named dowMRU, has many users. 4 are active (3 on the list that lights green, and the 1 that owns that PC from which was taken the screenshot), others are inactive, but even though they are inactive, they are still part of the group they joined. And if there was a new membe who would join this particular group, he would become instantly a part of the group and would see them as well (inactive, active members).

    So like I've said, I'm looking for some IM, that is group based (can be a simple IM as well, no problem, but must offer group capabilities). You don't add members, 1 by 1, you just join 1 group, and instantly all the members of this group are becoming visable to you, and you're becoming visable to them. Besides that, it must offer offline messaging, so that if one person who is green on that screenshot, will sent a message to a person who is gray, the message won't get lost. It will be delivered, once the inactive recipient becomes active.

    I hope that explains it completely now ;)
  3. You can't have offline messaging without a central server to hold the messages for delivery. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&source=hp&q=private+instant+messaging+server&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=
  4. Google wave?

    Yeah I know apparently they stopped service with a stopped whatever...

    Check out. I believe this is what you're looking for, and I think even after Google discontinues the service the service will still be around, and apparently you can have your own private server. Granted this would mean you have to pay for server but if you split the cost up between all the friend you want to chat with it might come out to something as small as 20 or $30 a year.

    I'm only mentioning this because I think it fits what you want exactly.
  5. Problem solved. Somebody suggested facebook group to me, and so far it's working.

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