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A few months ago on the early morning news I heard that the price of the Vista operating systems were going to drop to @ $30 - $80 dollars being that Windows 7 was due to be released soon. I can't remember exactly how low the price range would be but it sure was not the $200 we paid for Vista home premium 64 bit. The reason I ask is because my friend changed his password and can't remember it. He's trying to use Ophcrack after we burned it to a cd but now his computer won't even boot up at all, the green light is running but absolutely nothing on the screen, he is more of an advanced user if not expert but he is getting frustrated and questioning just buying another Vista OS. I told him I am positive about what I heard on the news about the price drop but can't seem to find who has vista for these reduced prices. He shops with you guys whenever he needs things so I figured I'd just ask and see what advice you might have. Thanks!
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  1. Not even Vista OEM dropped to $30-80. XP OEM is more than $30-80. It was not this forum that linked Vista for sale for $30.
  2. badge said:
    Not even Vista OEM dropped to $30-80. XP OEM is more than $30-80. It was not this forum that linked Vista for sale for $30.

    Hey there Badge, thanks for a reply. It was the EARLY morning news and I was still half sleeping when I heard that. Maybe it was more like $130-$180? We just hate having to part with a big chunk of change AGAIN for the same crap, ya know. I told him what I thought I remembered hearing after he messed up his password and he's sayin' GREAT where do we go to get vista for those prices, he didn't believe me either but it was on the news, local early morning Panama City Beach Tech Ex(pert) deal they have like once a week?.? I'm runnin' XP on "Frankenstein' my friend built and gave to me so I could have access to being online too, his system is a lot different, way more complicated and expensive, he also has an IBM thinkpad 600 that I could put to use if we could get it to run windows98 again. He tried to do simple upgrades and run XP on it but I guess the old timer couldn't handle XP.It already had problems when it was given to him. Anyhow, enjoy your weekend Badge, we will spend ours tryin' to load this OPHCRACK program into his computer in hopes we burnt it right and it does what it's suppose to; seems to be the best as far as my research went all night long to reset-delete-crack vista passwords. The other was trinity rescue disk but we can't get a page to load up for their site. Take Care, Tami Any advice you might have would be much appreciated :)
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