my internet constantly gets dropped, please help

Ok when im downloading something, or heavily using my internet (3 xbox 360's attached to my router for example), it just shuts down and i have to reset it.. o my god its annoying. I have adsl, from (just regular highspeed). Im not sure why i dont just go with cable but o well. Anyways so im fairly certain it has to do with my old router and modem. I have the D-Link DSL-300G Generation 2 modem. My router is the D-Link Ethernet Broadband router. I was thinking of upgrading to this My question is, does this thing count as a modem and router?? and if so is it smart to just use it by itself without another router, because routers help to block hackers etc..

Also i have a laptop i sometimes use in my house, do i have to buy some card or anything for the laptop to use the wireless?? Also how can i stop other people from using my connection?
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  1. start with the basics turn off all the games (for example) and then get a stable connection. Then hook up one by one to see where the trouble starts.
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