SP3 is slow

My XP SP2 is was running good but after installing SP3 the whole system is slow. I have

1. Checked for viruses/malware using Malwarebytes anti-malware and SAS
2. Checked unwanted applications during start-up using - msconfig
3. done a registry clean and repair
4. Uninstalled any applications i don't use/want
5. Defragmented the hard drive.
6. moved virtual memory on another HDD
7. checked if my pc is overheating - it isnt
8. disabled anti-virus scheduled updates - same problem, so turned it back on

9. used ccleaner
10. Kaspersky tune up utility repair and compact registry and everything else it offers

i am still having the same problems, the only thing i can think of is to uninstall SP3 ?

I think Microsoft is trying to use xp sp3 to overhaul the security model like vista but vista is slow any way. There are many top-range pc's where i work and using XP is fast; using vista on these top range machines is slow.

without the Areo glass and all its effects and the sidebar in vista, with IE7 and UAC, vista is just xp, so MS is just trying to ploy users into upgrading to vista because SP3 tries to overhaul xp into vista midway without the aero gui

I think if i should use this rule (of philosophy) If it ain't broke don't fix it! and uninstall SP3
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  1. here is my system specs:

    AMD Athlon 1 Ghz, GA-71XE4 Gigabyte Motherboard, 640Mb RAM, Seagate 80gb, and WDC 160Gb Hard drive, Sis 6236 8Mb AGP, Nvidia GeForce 256mb DDR RAM graphics card, Pioneer DVR-109BK DVD-RW +RW 16x, Linksys Wireless-G PCI, 19" GNR LCD TFT Monitor, Windows XP Professional (SP2), Internet via wireless netgear ADSL router
  2. note that you might have to update again on XP SP3, there are other hardware and software that you might have to install, next time when you do a windows update, click on custom update and one the left you will see what needs to be install manual...That is the thing about Windows not everything you need is install automatic....


    Well my friend
    , I would go buy some more ram if you need it and also I will like to say if you are up for a download of a system mechanic 9 from Iolo.com
    they have a free trail for 30 and this program it will defrag your hard drivers and memory and system, it's the best out there and government officials use this program and many gamers and software developers use it as well. It has an Increase Performance settings, Optimize windows start up, everything to boost your ethernet or network adapter settings. That is right it can boost your internet speed by 200%


    you will see system mechanic 9 and get a free trial.

    Just trying to help
    I works and does wonders for me , makes me computer run super fast and clean all the time and it will let you know if you need to clean out the computer.
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