NIC + Wireless Adapter & Bluetooth Adapter Disconnected

Have a dell xps m140, running win xp pro service pack 3.

Based on your knowledge of windows xp system files and there function, i was wondering if you would know appropriate files that will need to copy. The scenario is a s follows.

Issue: Got infect by a virus, virus was removed by Kaspersky. After virus removal both the 10/100 NIC and the wireless adapter, and the bluetooth have indicated that they are disconnected. However from device manager they show up as working properly, which they are not as I cannot connect to the internet and there is a red X on all three icons in the system tray. I am wondering if a system file related to network connectivity was afftected and subsequently deleted by kaspersky.

I have tried repairing the connection by right clicking the system tray icon for the network connection and clicking repair. This returns the message network did not assign a network address.

From research i have run the fixit utility for winsock from microsoft in an attempt to rebuild the tcp/ip stack. This did not help.

Also tried repairing the os from the set up disk, booting directly from the disk. This gets the blue screen of death after loading the files and setup tries to start windows. To resolve this I ran scan disk to fix disk errors etc. This did not help blue screen persists.

I have tried restarting the following services, DNS, DHCP, and The blue tooth service. This did not help

At this point I want to try copying the windows system files related to networking from another machine to this one.

Also, I can access the internet from 3 other PCs 2 of which are running XP.

Your help will be greatly appreciated
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  1. That virus might still be there in your system?? You need to check the windows folder, either systems or system32 folder and scan again,
    Once you scan again and it find it, remember the name of the virus, most likely a .DLL file and manual delete it and then defrag your HD
  2. That didn't work, the problem persists, the scan didn't pick up anything.
  3. Problem persists, that didn't work the scan didn't pick up anything.
  4. Check your network connections to see if it is disabled.
  5. The network connections are fine, I have vista, I have 3 other pcs that connect just fine. 1 running vista and the other 2 running xp.
  6. Guys, I uninstalled Kaspersky, then I was able to access the internet. Installed Trend Micro, and again lost the ability to access to the internet... Suggesting that there is still a virus on the do I get to this sucker.
  7. Boot into safe mode with networking. Download and update malwarebytes, then do a full system scan.
  8. Blocked from connecting to the internet in safe mode as well
  9. Is there a manual update file that can be downloaded, checked there site didn't find one.
  10. The program connects for updates.

    You won't have network capabilities in safe mode. You have to go to safe mode with networking.
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