How to delete hardware in vista

hi.. can you pls teach me to delete a program from vista
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  1. Your title and your question refer to two different things. Which is the correct one that you want to uninstall?
    They are done different ways.
  2. You want to delete a software(Program) OR Hardware??

    First ask the Clearly buddy :)
  3. Follow these steps if you want to uninstall (Delete) a program from Vista..

    * Click on the Start button.
    * Go to Control Panel.
    * You will find Programs there. Please click on that.
    * Now click on Program and Features.
    * You can look for the program you want to work with and then click on Uninstall/Change button.

    Hang on! I will also show you another method to go to the Program and Features button.

    * Click on Start.
    * Click on Control Panel.

    In the top right corner you will find the search box.

    * Type add remove in the box.
    It will take you to "Program and Features" box.

    These steps should help you to find Add/Remove programs in Vista.
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