Shortcut command line to make shortcut go to startup?

So basically I want to know if there is a command line for a shortcut that would put the program into the start up. I know its possible to just drag something into start up but that simply will not work in this scenario. If there isn't a valid command line to do so what would be my other options?

For those who are really curious this is to play a prank on my wife. While I am away I want to send her a shortcut file out of the blue (she will not know its me) as she opens it a app or whatever launches (haven't chosen yet may make it reboot/shutdown her laptop) But also putting it in her startup folder. Since she will no doubt not be able to fix the problem it will drive her insane. I come home and she will no doubt rush to me expressing the problem.

Now there are 2 possible scenarios which I can make it end with.

#1 The honest path: :ange: by fixing it by booting in safe mode and simply taking it off the start up and removing the shortcut. Then confessing to her that it was a prank and likely be in the dog house for quite sometime.


#2. The not so honest path: :non: "Wow honey that is quite the problem you have there its going to take me hours to fix it but I know what to do" Is what I say to her after she tells me what happen. After which I will continue with "I really don't feel up to it right now can't this wait? I just got home from a hard day." She will beg and likely try to bribe me in some way to do it and that's when I make my chosen demand for doing it ASAP. She no doubt gives into my demand not too happy about it but relieved her laptop will be fixed. I disappear for sometime with my laptop and hers into my man cave for hours playing games. Come out when I am ready and hand her the laptop and be rewarded for such.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. You sound like a bit of an ****hole. The answer to your question is trivial but I'm not going to enlighten you.
  2. No need to be like that the second ending is simply a joke. I'm thinking of making it just annoying sound file when she boots up. I could sneak the file when shes away from the laptop. Then send her the shortcut to it when I am away

    *edit* -move should do the trick so I'll give that a shot.
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