Remote Desktop with Windows Vista

Hello, when i establish a remote desktop connection to another win vista pc the remote machine is loggin out . Is there any way to keep active to remote monitor ?

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  1. Guides on how to restore SMS messages and manage SMS on computer

    Sometimes we are bothered a lot by tons of messages in our phone, especially they will slow down running speed of our phone, though, there are lots of important messages we need to store. We could send them to restore in the computer
    You can Google to get the tools or simply download it here:

    How to restore SMS messages ?
    Step 1. Run "iMobile Tool SMS Backup" and click "Restore" option on the right bottom.
    Step 2. Select a SMS backup file to restore.
    Step 3. Click the file to start restore.
    Then it’ ok! Very simply and easy to use .
    How to manage SMS messages on computer ?
    Step 1. Transfer the SMS backup file from your mobile phone to your computer easily by ActiveSync. Then run the "SMSManager.exe". Click "file" -> "Imprort":
    Step 2. Select the SMS backup file on your computer and click "open". Now you can view your SMS:
    Step 3. You can right click on a contact, then click "Delete SMS of this contact" to delete all the SMS messages related to this contact:
    Step 4. You can Export the SMS to a new SMS file and restore to your mobile phone.
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