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Hi, I got a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router, and need to know its power consumption (in watts). I contacted Linksys support, they told me it was 10 watts. Now, I know that I already got an answer for my question, but I don't know if the answer is correct.

The AC adapter on the device has 2 readings, and I don't know which is the one to go by.
Input: 110-120V, 0.5A
Output: 5V, 2.0A

Now, watts=volts*amps, but why are Linksys tech support reading the "Output" line as power consumption (which gives 5*2=10 watts)? Isn't it the "Input" that determines the power consumption? In this case, that'd be ~50watts.
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  1. you sure you read the input specs correctly? Normally it's given in 120VAC, XW not XA

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    jlanka (. .)
  2. Sorry, forgot to mention that input voltage is AC, output is DC.
  3. Linksys support are correct the power consumption is 10 watt
    the input current is the maximum current that the adapter can support.
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