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hi all,

been having a play with this, it came with graphics card [asus 8800 gtx 768mb]

so i tried O'Clocking card then use 3d mark. when i get over 614 MhZ it is unstable and crashes machine, i am now trying the mem option to make it higher [900MhZ atm] any advise as i see peeps say they have over 614MhZ. It does pass the nvidia gpu test when you do it, but the extreme 3d mark test kills it on the 3rd demo.
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  1. well because it passed the nvidia test and the first few tests of 3dmark i want to say that it may be a heat issue. but also there are certain cards that just dont overclock well. i know that the gtx's dont usually have a problem but who knows.
  2. it seems to die on the cpu tests, so perhaps having it at 3.ghz is affecting it
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