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Hello, I have tried numerous times to install the HP CM1017 MFP Vista 32 bit software on my Dell 1525 Inspiron. The computer either shutsdown at 93% of install or I get the message there was an installation problem. I have tried everything except getting a sledge hammer. Can anyone help. Thanks
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  1. Whether you are using 32bit Vista or 64 bit vista??

    1. If you are using 64 bit vista & installing 32bit drivers/software may cause problem.

    try downloading latest software & install.

    2. If you are installing from CD-ROM, defective media also cause interruption is Software. Try copying the software setup files to HDD & try installing.
  2. Not just may... it will cause problems. Although if it is Vista 64, it should pop up with some warning message that you're trying to install a 32-bit driver when a 64-bit driver is required. In any event, downloading the latest driver from HP's website is a prudent course of action. Ideally, the installation disc that came with the printer should be enough, but sometimes it's not.
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