Acer dvd player quit working?

watched dvd on tv off of aspire 4520.
changed dvd .It would not recognize dvd.
It would not open back up, to remove the dvd.
I used emergecy release to open tray.
Put the movie back in. still will not recognize disc.
Have uninstaled/reinstaled. Will not open or read dvd?
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  1. Have you tried with some other discs??
    Faulty discs may cause these sort of problems!
  2. the player is recognized, but it will not read discs.
    It will not open the tray to eject. Like I said I reinstaled,
    A few times. The system shows the player is up to date.
    But it will not work.
  3. Have you tried with CDs not only DVD's?
  4. Try cleaning the lens with a cleaner disk 3-4 times & check!
  5. yes, data, music, pics
  6. ok I will try that.
  7. no that was not it.
  8. What it says when you try to double click on DVD-ROM icon in My computer??
  9. it tells me to put in a disc.
  10. ok. I will try. thanks
  11. You are always welcome buddy :)

    All the best!
  12. i tried the fix it. Told me it could not fix the player.
    it did recognize there is a problem. Told me to check,
    with microsoft tech. May be a charge. Thats ok I guess.
    If they can help. Thanks again.
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    If your system is under warranty, ther won't be any charge i guess!

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    Please read my signature too :)

    Thanks :)
  14. hey sorry for the delay. I got side tracked.
    Nothing worked.
    I am buying a door for the dvd player. If that does not work.
    I am buying the dvd player. Thanks for your help.

    Have a great day!
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