x1650 pro???

hi guys..i want to buy an x1650pro *AGP* for my pc. i found 2 models that im interested in:

256MB GDDR3 and 512MB DDR2(or GDDR2 not sure). both 128bit

i've seen people saying in other posts not to bother with DDR2 models but they were talking about 256mbyte not 512. will the 512mbyte ddr2 beat 256mbyte gddr3? those models costs about same in the UK. ~ £60

my system is:

pentium 4ht 2.60ghz socket478
1024mb ddr333 ram
creative audigy se
radeon 9250se 128mbyte (rofl)

> i only want to spend about £60 as i will be building a complete system by January or February. i cant stand the sh*te 9250se anymore (which was put there by COMET store tech, no more warranty on it). i have built systems (succesful) before so i am not a complete noob LOL.

advice from uber experienced pls! also how much power i need in total, 300W+ ? :?
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  1. Most of us arent familier with UK pricing, but with that PSU it is probably better that u buy a 7600 GS. It is DDR2.
  2. 256meg GDDR3.

    Its faster. Memory amount wont make much difference in this case.
  3. oh so that i dont confuse people....i am not looking to play oblivion on this...nor the crysis or halo 2 lol. i play stuff like...2142 (playing on my housemates pc at the moment), x3, LockOn, IL2 - 1946, CS:S, FSX, SH3/4.

    will my ram or cpu bottleneck the Card much???

    thanks for quick reply above.. :D
  4. No, your CPU will not bottleneck that card. What are your PSU specs? Between the two cards you listed, I'd definitely go for the 256MB GDDR3. However, for less power consumption, and similar performance you could get a 7600GS.
  5. my PSU is werry low!!! 250W and all runs smooth for now due to weak 9250 i got. my housemate has a psu that is 300W that he dont use so i wonder if 300W will be enough for the x1650pro.

    well gddr3 uses slightly less energy at the same clocks and timings than gddr2 but i assume the gddr3 model might have tighter clocks on the memory and not sure about the Mhz. so it doesnt mean it will use less power because of that. but i hope it will because less ram chips on it. I do not plan to overclock the card, only unlocking pipelines if i will fell its safe to do so and if it is possible on it lol.
  6. so will i definately need more than 300W if i want to run x1650pro on my system? or will it be enough?
  7. i think it'll be enough and the 1650xt is definately the one to go for over the 7600gs if you need proof check out the vga charts

    Don't forget that people on this forum will always recommend the ideal solution if your tight on budget just get the card and if doesnt work properley use your mates psu but if it aint broke dont try fix it

    as for the memory i think GDDR3 will be faster since your hardly going to playing the games at the highest texture levels but we're talking a couple of frames here hardly worth wasting too much time over
  8. thanks for reply guys!! helped quite a bit, i might be convinced to buy a new psu....but bloody expensive when looking at well branded ones. coolermaster etc.

    dont start flaming between nvidia and ati guys lol. im an ati guy so i wouldnt go for nvidia unless it was 'much' better at the same price :D
  9. Avoid the GDDR2 X1650 pro. 512MB won't do a thing for you when running at 800MHz effective vs. 1350MHz or so for the GDDR3 version. I have the Sapphire GDDR3 256MB version and it states a minimum of a 350W PSU for it.

    The 7600GS uses way less power than the X1650 pro. IMO overall the Radeon edges it out in performance by a bit at stock speeds but both would take some games. But the savings for you would be not needing to replace the PSU.

    Power Consumption can be seen in this review: Think of the X1650 pro as a slightly higher clocked X1600XT.
  10. hmm thats good info, ok a bit about RAM and CPU then,

    will my RAM impact the Graphics performance much? its 4X256mb sticks this is bad for latency i guess in comparison with 2x512mb. also its ddr333 not 400.

    oh and my CPU is 2.60ghz p4ht socket478 northwood 512cache 800fsb, will that be a problem?
  11. I really do fell that you will need a new psu to run any of those cards definatly the 1650xt i have one and am reading this off of the box as i type min req 450watt!! of course thats including powering the rest of the stuff in the case.
    If you do intend to go without one then i would say try a 7600 card as they are very good on power consumption.


    The above link will give you some idea of the difference.
  12. x1650xt ?? someone made a mistake lol x1650pro that i am looking at to buy. its power consumpion is about 15W less at full load in comparison to XT (as stated in the XBITLABS)
  13. The X1600Xt is basically the same card as the X1650 Pro. Minor increase in memory speeds for the purpose of making a distinction and paving the way for a clear progression of mid range offerings with the 1650 name with the top in that line being the X1650XT.
    I have an X1600Xt in my modest PC for over a year now and have had no issues with any aspect of performance using a 300W PS. The 350W specification is if the PC has a lot things draining power. I run 2 DVD drives and keep it simple.
    It's a decent performer too if you don't have a monitor larger than 17" and keep the resolutions at 1024 X 768. I play pretty much anything mainstream (not Oblivion type requirements) with most (if not all) settings on high at that resolution. Far Cry, HL2, COD2 all run with everything high. Any higher resolution requires a more powerful card. Which the 7600 GS is not. The X1650Pro beats it by enough to make it a clear choice. I would also recommend the 256 GDDR3.
    If I had to do it all over again, I would also opt for the 7600GT. It's also a low power consumer and seriously out performs the ATI offering.

    Athlon 3000+
    1 Gig RAM
    300W PS
    Sapphire X1600XT
  14. Nice one its good to hear what people have running on what psu as the card manufactures can be a bit cautious IMO.
    So as a 1600xt runs on a 300watt psu then a 256gddr3 7600gt will run on it easy and is near as makes no diff the same spec as a x1650xt.
    So its just about what you want to spend now then.

  15. ok does anyone know why the AGP version has its Core at 450mhz and the PCIe version at 600mhz ?? its not fun :evil:
  16. Which card we covered lots now :lol:
  17. Quote:
    ok does anyone know why the AGP version has its Core at 450mhz and the PCIe version at 600mhz ?? its not fun :evil:

    You're going to have to link both the cards you're looking at for us. Could be different brands or versions, which is quite common.
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