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Eyefinity Video player

I have a 5760x1080 setup, and I'm looking for a video player that will expand videos to fill the screen(all three, rather than just the middle one). Even though they look rather lousy with the top/bottom cut off, the immersion is awesome. I've found two examples that work, but neither is usable for me. One is whatever player WoW uses for its cinematics, and another is JW player. If anyone knows either how to make VLC do this, or another player which will, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    still nothing yet even though arc soft is to be working on it..

    AMD Eyefinity FAQs
    HD Video support depends on the player application. Arcsoft has recently announced a video player with support for AMD Eyefinity technology. ... - Cached
  2. It'll be nice if this works someday...currently using Portrait Eyefinity, but it doesn't match up to Landscape as far as immersion.
  3. when I use WMC in Eyefinity mode, it for some reason still doesn't look right.
    close but not quite right.
  4. Windows Media Center has an Eyefinity mode?
  5. it's one of those eyefinity ready but not validated things....
    just go to the display settings option and there is like 4 different widescreen modes..
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  7. how is WMC working in your Eyefinity set-up.?
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