2 Ethernet Connections. Specifying one for internet, other for local?

Hey, I have 2 lan cards in my computer.

Lan1: Connected to Internet in Wall
Lan2: Connected via Ethernet Bridge (Software: DD-WRT) to other router.

But I want to use Lan1 only for the internet, and Lan2 (DD-WRT Enabled on Both routers) for Local Area Network Usage (Example: Streaming Music, Video on Right now, I think Windows uses either only Lan2 or both network adapters for internet-usage. Like when I download a file, browse the internet, etc....

I'm limited in Bandwidth, so I only don't want Windows to use Lan2's internet, I have shared music and videos on my computer, and they can only be accessed through other computers connected to the Network LAN2 is on. Not only that, but that Adapter is enabled, my internet and downloads are slow (like it's using LAN2's internet)

Is there a way to do this? Specify which adapter to use for the internet (firefox, ie, etc) Via DD-WRT (the router) or Windows itself?

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  1. I'm sorry but I'm having a problem understanding what you want to do.

    You're telling us that Lan1 is connected to the internet. How is it connected (Via Router, Cable Modem, DSL Modem, etc)?

    When your click on your Internet browser which NIC is being used?

    What is the NIC (Lan2) connected too (router, hub, switch, another PC)?

    In a typical setup where a PC has 2 NICs, one is setup as the connection to the internet and the other can be used to interface with any device that is Ethernet capable (home video cameras, alarm systems, home control systems, etc). However, the other NIC can be connected to another network.

    As for which is connected to the internet, you need to go to My Computer and click on My Network Places. Then click on View Network Connections. This should bring up a page that contains all Lan connections. This page will tell you what devices are connected and provide status (connected, disabled, not connected).

    I hope this helps ....
  2. ICS is a good solution for this. Assuming I'm following what you're saying. It will force all internet access over the 1st NIC and any lan activity will be over the second, not sure what you have a wrt in there on lan2 for though.....
  3. I have to agree with Michael. If you set up ICS on the PC with 2 NICs then the router is moot. I guess I don't follow your configuration.
  4. I had a reverse problem. My Lan2 did not have an internet connection, and windows would timeout trying to access the internet through it.

    Try this. It will require you to give LAN2 a fixed IP address.

    use ipconfig to find out your current IP address and subnet mask for the lan2 connection
    Go to the Properties page of the LAN2 connection
    Select Internet Protocol (tcp/ip)
    Select Properties
    Under the General Tab, click the radial button for: use the following IP address
    Put in an IP address
    put in a subnet mask: is typical
    Leave Default Gateway blank

    I think when Windows tries to access the internet, it see that the LAN2 connection does not have a Gateway (to the internet), and goes to the next lan connection.
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