HP PDA cannot boot up

HP PDA cannot boot up

My PDA model: HP Jornada 565

OS: POCKET pc 2002 premium Editon

Question: cannot boot up the machine and cannot get into OS

Department of PDA Load error code:


Only into the HP Logo, with Well to manually shut down automatically shut down to wait for PDA

and cannot be Reset, only into the HP Logo

Do not know where the bad

If you know, please state and proposed repair methods (eg brush Download + Tutorial) (preferably a place)

Otherwise, please specify the recovery / acquisition PDA location, price, etc.

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  1. PDAs as a stand-alone item are a dead product outside or industrial apllications like Symbol. If you look at Palms web page, they just list the Pre and Pixi. And that is from the godfather of PDAs.

    If you want an older PDA only product, check ebay.

    This link has pretty detailed instructions on how to fix a Jornada, but involves a lot of work. http://forum.brighthand.com/jornada-560-series/216687-repair-565-a.html
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