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I see alot of people building new systems with quad cores, and my question is, Would it now be better to get a faster dual core over the quad? I understand that in the future games and programs my be able to use all four cores. But as it stands right now there is not many things that can take advantage of a quad.

As far a future proofing by the time we have multi threaded app's and games it will be upgrade then. That seems like the time to go quad.

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  1. Quote:
    take a look at the many threads regarding single vs dual cores and you will find your answer there.

    Doggone, it, you were commanded to discuss. Telling someone to do their own homework isn't discussion. Then again, this isn't either.
  2. At the end of July a quad core can be gotten for under $300. For what it gives, it would seem as good a time to buy as any. A $500+ quad core, not so worth it.
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