Very Basic Understanding of Home Wireless Networks

I have very little knowledge regarding all things network related, so I thought I'd ask here first.
I live in Ireland and in our household we have a desktop, two wi-fi enabled laptops and a printer, and our internet is provided by clearwire wireless - you can see the receiver on the left of the following link:

What I'd like to do is set up a wireless network so that all of the computers can access the internet independantly, and also print from the printer independantly.

What I'm asking here is what hardware do I need to buy - a wireless router or hub or what exactly?

Things to know:
the clearwire modem has an rj-45 socket (not the narrower rj-11 socket)
the clearwire modem and printer would be directly connected to the desktop

I guess the router/hub would need to go somewhere between the desktop/printer and the internet?

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  1. I don't think a hub would work since a hub isn't as intelligent as a router. You need a wireless router with a printer port (USB?). Stick with the well-known brands.
  2. not seen these before but as it appears to only be a moden. I'd assume it would work like a cable connection.


    But make sure the router is cable and not ADSL

    If as you state your going to connect the printer to the PC, a router with printer port wouldn't be neccessary. You would only need this feature if you wanted to share the printer with other PC's and not have your desktop PC on while printing. Anyway routers with USB connections do seem hard to come by.
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