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Vista 64 msdtc console failed to start after restore

Last response: in Windows Vista
February 5, 2010 4:50:45 PM

When Vista started after a complete PC restore from an image created in Vista the system booted fine. Then in about a minute I see a windows error message that says MSDTC Console Failed to Start .... As MSDTC runs as a service, I opened: control panel, administrative tools, services, and attempted to restart Distributed Transaction Coordinator. The result was Error 1067 service failed to start unexpectedly. I have tried most of the checks of the registry values recommended on various web sites but have found no missing entrys. I have tried msdtc -uninstall, mstdc -reinstall and I cannot be sure these are working as they take no time to complete.

Any help on this issue would be appreciated. Someone with much more knowledge than I might be able to understand Mark K Vallevand article where he says he has a fix for this problem on this site:

I have very moderate windows skills, any help is appreciated. I could reinstall Vista but would like to avoid it if possible.
February 18, 2010 10:02:45 PM

Extract from

The error code -2147024894 (80070002) maps to "Path not found". It looks like one or more security registry values are missing. Can you check if the following registry values are present on your machine:

AllowOnlySecureRpcCalls [1] REG_DWORD
FallbackToUnsecureRPCIfNecessary [0] REG_DWORD
TurnOffRpcSecurity [0] REG_DWORD

AccountName [NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService] REG_SZ
DomainControllerState [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccess [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessAdmin [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessClients [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessTransactions [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessInbound [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessOutbound [0] REG_DWORD
NetworkDtcAccessTip [0] REG_DWORD
XaTransactions [0] REG_DWORD

If there are missing values, can you recreate them, set them to the default value which is in brackets[], and then run msdtc.exe -install.

Note you need to run msdtc.exe -install
Click start run.
February 26, 2010 2:37:17 AM

I tried all of the fixes indicate by both posts above. I finally gave up and reloaded Vists 64. All is OK now but If someone knows of a for-sure fix for this problem I would love to here of it for future reference. Thanks for the help.