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I have hundreds of Excel spreadsheets with .xls file formats since they are 1997-2003 worksheets. Many of these spreadsheets have macros but are still .xls formats. I recently purchases office 2010 and am now using the new version of Excel. The new version appears to use .xlsx for worksheets and .xlsm for macro enabled worksheets.

Is there an easy way to convert all my spreadsheets from .xls formats to .xlsm formats. I would probably prefer to just have all my spreadsheets in .xlsm format even if there are no macros so all my files have the same format unless there is a good reason not to do this.

My other major concern is that many of my spreadsheets have links that specifically list files with .xls formats. What is the best way to update all the links in all my spreadsheets so the link will list the new file format of .xlsm so it can find the file?

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