HP Box Computer, Can I upgrade this processor? AMD

Can I easily upgrade this processor in this HP Box computer from Circuit City?

It has an AMD Athlon 64 X 2 Dual Core 4600+ and I would like to upgrade to the same processor 5000+ or higher.

Is it possible and what kind of socket does this machine have?


Looks pretty bare in there, what else do I need?
I know Graphics card for sure.
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  1. You either have the older 939 socket or the newer 940 AM2.If it's a socket 940 these X2 processors are readily avaliable, but 939's are becoming harder to find and I believe the Fx-60 2.6Ghz was the highest 939 made.Too be honest you will not see much of a difference upgrading to a higher X2. The processor you have has plenty of power.
  2. What is the model number of that computer?

    In any case, it would be either socket 939 or socket AM2. If it's socket 939, there's almost no point in upgrading since you're going to have a hard time finding a faster part at a good price. It will be too expensive.

    Second, regardless of which socket it is, you're talking about a pretty small upgrade. Going from 4600+ to 5000+ is like adding 5 horsepower to a car. I wouldn't bother.

    You can always wait a month to see how much the Intel Core2Duo come down in price. Or, even wait a couple or three months and wait to see how the new K10 processors will perform.

    By the way, what kind of software do you want to run faster? If you want to play games, you'd need a video card. Looks like you don't even have a video card.
  3. Haven't you already asked the question about upgrading the CPU? The short answer is "maybe, depends on the mobo BIOS, it's not worth it anyway".


    It's AM2.

    You'll get much better bang for the buck in games by adding a video card than replacing the CPU.

    A good graphics card for that PC and your budget would be X1950Pro.


    You will most likely need to replace the PSU because HP chooses PSUs right at the limit, no room for upgrades :evil:

    Edit: actually, why am I assuming a smallish budget, just because it's an HP box. If you can afford a 8800 GTS 320 MB ($300) go for it. Don't know if it fits in your case though, and it will definitely require a new PSU.
  4. Yes, but now I've added a fancy picture.

    I'm going to add an graphics card first.

    7600GS and go from there.

    How can I tell which socket I have without removing the CPU?
  5. CPU-Z
  6. Google, based on the PC model number. It is A6030N, like in your other thread, right?

    I'd say it's socket AM2, read this:

    Have you got any brochure for the PC? Does it say what type of motherboard is has? Specifically, does it say MCP61PM-HM or Nettle-GL8E somewhere in there?
  7. Thanks, aevm

    So I have an AM2 socket.

    Simple Question?

    If I purchase a faster AMD Athlon 64 X2 (AM2 socket) will I just be able to plug it into this machine and fire it up and it will run perfect?

    Or is there a bunch of bios junk that would have to be changed?

  8. Don't know for sure, sorry. I think it should work. Here's a page from their support Web site, that explains how to replace the processor on the A6030N. There's no mention at all about a BIOS upgrade.


    I would definitely send an e-mail to HP first. At least some of their Support people should be competent enough to answer this properly.

    When you do that also ask them about your plans to get a new graphics card, and tell them which card you want. They should be able to tell you if that card fits physically inside the box and if you need to replace the PSU.

    Here's another link if you want to read more about your particular model and upgrading it:


    Good luck!

    P.S. Post here when it's all done, I'm really curious. My Dad has an HP too, and some day he may want to upgrade it too. :lol:
  9. Will do.

    Going to order an AMD 6000+ and a Nvidia 7600GS and throw them it there and see if it will run. 8O
  10. Ram controller is on the CPU.

    S939 supports only DDR
    AM2 supports only DDR2

    you only need to know what type of ram you do have.
    of course, CPU details can be given by CPU-Z but why
    download an application when you have all you need on the box

    if you have a S939, you still can try to find a S939 opteron. the 180 runs at 2.4ghz with 2x 1mb cache AND it is 90mn SOI so it overclocks better.
    it's the best chip you can find for socket 939 unless you get an FX

    the AM2 socket has more flexibility but be warned, your bios might cause troubles. the X2 6000+ is a better CPU but without even thinking of changing the CPU you could probably overclock what you have by changing the ram. ( again, if the board supports it... chech the bios options...) if you can toss in a 2Gb 800mhz ddr2, try this before, it costs less and will probably get to the same performance... again if the options are available...
  11. 4600+ to a 6000+ will only offer a small increase in performance and will not be noticeable in most computing tasks.
  12. Looking at the older thread, you are the first one to tell her that. You are perfectly correct, of course. 3 others have tried too, including myself. Let the girl have some fun, she obviously wants this upgrade a lot :lol:

    OP: you really should check with HP support first, before you order the new CPU.
  13. I guess you aren't really paying much attention to the responses. How you ever came up with buying a 6000 x2 and a 7600GS from what everyone has told you is beyond me. Good luck to you.
  14. will the a6030n support upgrading to

    AMD Phenom X4 9500 Quad Core?
  15. Nah, I don't think so
  16. You might end up having to call microsoft to get your OS re-activated.
    Make sure you have the correct product key for your OS before you change CPU, Motherboard, or HDD. Look on the back of your case.
    You will need it when you call in or over the internet for re-activaction.
    Dont forget to back-up before making ANY major changes.
  17. 4600-6000? the difference is greater than you may thing.

    i slapped on my old sempron 3400+ on to my system (in sig.) and I couldnt even get 40fps in cod4. With the x2 6400, it runs like a charm! but of course the xp 4600+ is quite faster than a sempron 3400+.
  18. WHOA. Don't get a 7600gs. If it was me, if I wanted to game, I think I'd be looking at an 8800gs, which can be found on newegg for 110 for the overclocked version after rebate. That would be probably the same or maybe slightly better performance than a 9600gt. I think you would be much happier. Only thing is, make sure your PSU can handle it, or upgrade the PSU as well. Then, depending on the amount of ram you have installed, get more as that's dirt cheap right now. Make sure you have at least 2 gb. As far as processor, leave that alone right now. Carry the new ram and video card, and possibly new PSU to a new build later.
  19. calikoala said:
    will the a6030n support upgrading to

    AMD Phenom X4 9500 Quad Core?

    HP calls your mobo an ECS MCP61PM-HM. That makes me think the board was made by Elite.
    That would be bad news, as ECS is not well known for backwards compatability support.
    Often, with an HP, Dell, or computer of that ilk, the best source for supported parts is thier support page.

    To others, please note, calikoala brought up this old page. Before posting to the OP, check the date of the original post
  20. the a6030n cpu is am2 socket but the mobo only supports up to 5600, you have a 32 bit os so you can only use 4gb of ddr2 ram but cant exceed 1.8 volts thats the highest the mobo will put out it will only show 3.something being used. if you upgrade gpu you will need to upgrade your psu the stock psu is only 300 watts and barely enough to run the pc stock. i fit a geforce 9800gt oc in mine but its tight. i removed my modem because i am using cable to make room..
    your base windows rating will be 3.0 if you upgrade to 4 gb ram and atleast a series 9 geforce or equivelent gpu plus a minimum of 550 watt psu you will have a windows rating of 5.1 where everything will be rated at 5.9 except the cpu which will be 5.1.

    good luck
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