How do i use fax with dsl

I live in Mexico and have dsl I can send faxes, but how do I receive them? The phone line I use is my land line that is connected to my modem, but if I send a fax I have to connect to my printer. My phone number is a mexican telephone number. Do I use this number to recieve faxes?
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  1. You need a fax machine if you want to receive fax on your house number. You can not receive fax on your computer unless you subscribe to an online fax service.
  2. If you have a fax machine, you can receive faxes by connecting it to the same phone line... you'll need a DSL filter inline with the fax machine. If you're using a fax modem inside your computer, then the same thing applies.... you need a DSL filter inline with the modem. You do not need an online fax service... all you need is a dial-up fax / modem and fax software. If you're using Vista Home Premium, you'll have to purchase separate fax software, but Business and Ultimate will have MS Fax built in.
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