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Best system backup software?

After a hard drive failure (RAID 0) I've simply reinstalled the OS and pressed on. All my data (email, pics, music, etc.) are on other drives and synced redundantly. However, my patience has grown thin with having to reinstall every program, reconfigure my settings, move icons, etc.

I am running Windows 7 Home Premium, but looking for an image program that will:

1. Create a system image that I can reinstall and have everything exactly as it was down to the icon placement, email settings, etc.
2. I'd like it to be incremental as opposed to multiple images of 40-50 gig. In other words, if I install a game today, and image tonight, I would like it to simply add to the previous image that game installed - as opposed to creating an entirely different image with the game added.

(Choice 2 is not necessary but nice - Choice 1 is essential).

If anyone has any experience with this please let me know. Again, I want the ability to image tonight, break my RAID 0, recreate it, and then load an image that puts me as if it never happened.

Thank you.
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  2. Some, but not all will save your actual computer applications and preferences. This site may have that information. It's well put together so you can probably contact the admin for an expert response. I'd give that a shot.
  3. Another thumbs up for Acronis True Image!
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    easeus todo backup 2.0
    free and backs up everything
  5. Great Suggestions!
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