I need to recover files for The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard (F.A.S.T) thi

I reloaded my computer today from scratch it was running XP but it is now running Windows 7 and becuase I couldn't upgrade directly I had to backup my files and then restore them. I backed my files up to an 80GB portable Hard Drive formatted as FAT32. Now when i try to use The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard (F.A.S.T) (On Windows 7 or the XP version) it oes seem to recognize the files and says that they are not their I did a Google search and It said to use FASTConv that didn't seem to work. I really need these files Please hep me!.

I have spent the last 2 hours trying to work this out actually its probably about 4 hours. I started at 9PM 30-09-2009 and now its 01.23PM 01-10-2009. I am very tired and in need of help. I tried posting this in the Windows 7 section twice and it said "Page Doesn't Exist" so now it's luck number 3. Thank-You
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  1. How did you back up the files?
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