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Hello to All,

I would like to make the following question, any suggestions will be helpfull! :)

I have a small office, and i want to put in the waiting room two PCs for internet access.

I am looking for a software, that will give the user limited options for the usage of the PC.

Something like a desktop with 3 Icons, Internet, Picture Viewer and Radio.

So that the user can not access the Start button, or make any changes to the PC.

I hope that you can understand what i am looking for.

Thanks a lot!! :D :D
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  1. I don't know if this will do exactly what you want, but I thought I'd bring up some ideas for you.

    You could install edubuntu or a similar small footprint linux base as the operating system and not give root/administration access to the guest users. You can really clamp down on guest privileges with a linux setup.

    You could also use a standard windows installation with similar guest privileges coupled with net-nanny software to limit what guests are able to access (I assume you don't want guests looking at porn, gambling, etc. on your setup). A nice free net-nanny application I've used in the past is K9 web protect from Bluecoat, though you may need to purchase the pro version to legitimately use it in a business setting.
  2. Group policy will do this, but read about it a bit before you use it. Improper use without understanding how user accounts and rights work can easily make the PC unusable. Using group policy you can setup which icons a user sees, which programs he can use, even block ability to right-click or select menu options.

    Here is a simple guide to do only give a user Internet Explorer as an interface: http://midspot.wordpress.com/2006/10/26/how-to-create-an-internet-kiosk-in-10-easy-steps/

    And some more detailed info: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307882
  3. Thanks a lot!!
    While searching i also came across an app developed by Microsoft, called "Windows SteadyState", that also seems to do the trick!
    thanks a lot for your help, ill try some things and come again here to tell the results!!
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