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Boat anchor for results thus far. I have purchased a copy of Dragon Naturally Speaking (Premium11) software and when starting the disk in my G60 series laptop DVD-RW drive it starts up and shows all folders and files; but is making all kinds of noise from the drive. It never screen prompts for load options and seems to be caught in a loop on bad code on the disk. It just sits there and pounds the drive over and over for ten minutes and does nothing. When I Dbbl click on any of the following it immediately shows an action percent done green task bar running at the top of the screen when in my computer and clicking on the dvd drive, but when it goes to the end in green showing progress it doesnt prompt anything. I tried autorun, setup, etc, and all that happens is it is making a bunch of drive noise that repeats a pattern of sound over and over. I have heard this similar sound before when I tried loading a DVD in a CD only drive in an older laptop. I tried downloading the file @ 2.2GB through a DSL wireless @ 160kb per sec and 6 hours later when it finished at 2.2GB it errored out. Nuance admits a disk problem is occurring from there end and other complaints have occurred. I need this software for a college English writing course. Any help out here?
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  1. First make sure your DVD drive is working, other disks work OK? You can also try the Dragon disk in another computer to see if the disk is bad.

    If the drive is working, contact Nuance and get a replacement disk, I have seen issues where a disk will work in one computer but not another, so even if the Dragon disk works OK in another PC, it may have issues with your drive.
  2. Thanks for you're feedback info hang-the-9. I did immediately try another DVD and the drive is perfect. As well it should be with a less than 10 hours use HP G 60 series laptop with Win 7 OS. I will try the disk in a college computer. I requested a replacement disk. Nuance is aware that some people are having read issues with this version 11. Are there any other better software voice recognition O S's out there that I can review. I may not keep this if it acts up more; or if it is poorly done.
  3. Dragon is pretty much the standard for voice recognition, although there are better ones out there, but they are several price points over Dragon and need some specialized hardware and servers to run. So for home / small business use, Dragon is good. The voice recognition I deal with at work is about $1,000 per user to license.
  4. Thanks for you're specialized feedback and I appreciate that you used a professional information work related base as the info source. Greatly appreciated@ hats off to hang-the-9. Now if I could just get the program working and into use, whew!
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