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Hey guys, I was hanging out with my bro and listening to music on his HP desktop, it's like 2 years old. It has Vista 32 on it. I wanted to update his realtek sound card and I used update from device manager. The update did its thing then I had to restart for the update to finish. So I restarted and it came to log in screen, he typed his password in, and then it goes to the "Welcome Screen" and now it just stays there. The deskptop doesn't load, needless to say we cant get into his computer. Any solutions would be appreciated! I tried to do a nice thing for his comp because he doesnt do any of that updating and this is what happens :(
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  1. try booting in safe mode
    and uninstalling the driver
    or you can use a system restore

    if safemode doesn't work... then you need to use the Windows Disk and try to Repair
  2. I know this is an old thread, but just wanted to tell people what fixed it for me. It turned out to be Windows Search 4.0 service causing the problem. I got into Safe Mode and checked out the Event Viewer and there was an error message about Windows Search. I disabled the service and was able to boot normally. Eventually I uninstalled it.
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