DVD Architect blu-ray editing issues

DVD architect 5.0 can burn blu-ray format to a DVD (about 20 mins) from HD camcorder video. However, this does not play in Panasonic Blu-ray player that is supposed to be playing a an AVCHD dvd. Panasonic says that the disk has to be UDF 2.5. Don't know what format DVD Architect is burning. One other curious difference, if you go into the stream directory of the blu-ray created by DVD Architect, the actual AVCHD video files are there. These can be played by Windows media player, but there is no audio.

I tried to play the similar files created on home blu-ray created using Nero. These files play in Windows media player with audio? Is there a problem with the DVD Architect generation of the blu-ray format?

Next thing for me to try is to actually burn a blu-ray on a BD-R media with DVD architect and see if that has a problem.
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  1. Have you checked the actual support site for the program? http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/support/default.asp
  2. I had done a search on their Knowledge base. There was nothing useful. Now I have posted it to their Technical Support.

  3. DVD Architect defaults to UDF 1.x (I forget which version), which is usually more universal. There is an option to change that, but I forget where it is located. Poke around in your options and you'll find it.
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