I dont have my xp pro disk and i need to reinstall

i got a virus that crash my system so i used my laptop to download spydoc and i dont have my xp disk the man who built my pc is out of buissness now i need to know how i can reinstall xp or where i can download xp pro
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  1. Contact the system Mfg. if mainstream storebuilt and purchase a system restore disk if available. Or buy a Windows XP Pro installation.
  2. Is it a brand-name computer like Dell, HP etc.? Give a reply giving your system specs. Or is it a built machine from a shop or yourself? Almost all the brand-name systems give you a restore disk or have a special partition on the HD.

    But if yours came with the Retail or OEM version of XP, all you really need is the product key, that magic set of 5 by 5 groups of letters and numbers. You *should* have the Microsoft sticker on your PC case somewhere, usually front or back, this is also known as the Certificate of Authenticity or COA. IF you have that, you can use any XP install disk. The disks have nothing special on them to restrict where they are installed. It's the valid COA that is the critical part. Then you can borrow an install disk and when it asks for the product key use the one that's on your case. If you can get a disk that has SP2 installed on it or even better SP3, it will save you a lot of time on the updates to get back to current.
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