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I am waiting on the parts for my first build and was thinking about what I am going to do to protect the computer once I have it. I am just wondering if there are any good free anti-virus programs out there and what everyone thinks about them.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. skeez,
    This is one of the most asked questions in all of forumdom, and you certainly should have just googled this. (that's why no one has replied) I will because I ran across some new information about Microsoft Security Essentials, that says that this free AV from Microsoft has many new features that make it a very attractive offering. In my estimation - I run a small tech service - most consumers choose AVG Anti-Virus, most techs choose Avira AntiVir Personal. Here's a paragraph from my latest tech newsletter:

    Free Antivirus -- I know there are several out there – but I’ve said for years that a Free antivirus will never perform as well as a Paid antivirus. I am aware that Comcast and other internet services actually offer a free antivirus subscription with their service that most people never use or even know about. (You can log into your Comcast account, and download it for free under the Security area – It’s Norton Security Suite) But Microsoft launched their free antivirus product over a year ago called Microsoft Security Essentials, which was a very good product – and it didn’t take over your computer. Norton as well as many other big names have been known to severely degrade computer performance because their product seems to invade your entire machine. The newest version of Microsoft’s product inspects network traffic, checks Internet Explorer’s website for malicious scripts, and is a great malware scanner – and it’s free!
  2. there is no "best"

    every product do something else

    so combinig some products will help you

    for prevention of spyware +trojan+bad activex an so on....

    use spybot+spyware blaster

    *spybot also scanning for spywares

    for malaware scanning use mamlwarebytes anti malaware
  3. Yep i've used them all and MSE is lightweight and performs flawlessly on a Windows 7 O/S.
    Over 1yr on Win7 virus free.
    Too many good things about it to list.
  4. Recently switched over to Microsoft Security Essentials due to the great reviews from numerous forums and sites. Previously, I was using Avast, which is a great product.

    @nottoman, you state that free antivirus apps won't perform as well as the ones that you pay for, but give no evidence to backup your claims. The few reports that I've read almost always show AVG, Avast and other popular free apps scanning and finding viruses more often than Mcafee, Symantec, etc.
  5. The best free one is either Avast or Microsoft security essentials, ofc free ones are not as good as paid but it doesn't mean they are bad (Although some are)
  6. I use Norton AV online because it comes with my netzero account but if I didn't have it I'd use MSE,
  7. I would suggest that you try Dr.Web Anti Virus for Windows 4.44. This antivirus really works well for me. You can try it too, it can also works well with you.
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials IS A COMPLETE suite !
  9. that list is from feb. 2010!outdated!
  10. Another vote for Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). We have it company-wide on 50+ computers, as well as all my home computers.... Works great!
  11. MSE has turned into a first rate suite!
  12. Well it definitely should be the one suggested by all that is MSE.
  13. persoanly i have used avira for over 3 years with various secondary backup scanners.
    atm im using avira and malwarebytes, but last year i was using avira and emsisoft antimalware.

    in that time i have not had 1 infection that has crippled my pc. until november last year when my license ran out for this time i tried both avg and avast and withing 3 days i had 15 infections that avg missed and the week after i had 8 that avast missed. this is when i switched back to avira and started using malwarebytes... 6 months later 0 known infections...

    so do the test yourself... get avira and back it up with an specific antimalware app. as avg and avast are very very overrated....
    oh and if you think i think there bad you dont want to hear my views on MS- essentials... ;)
  14. Guys, let's update this topic a bit. I think it will be very helpful to all of us.
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